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1 Kalender unterstützt 12 Hilfsprojekte1 Calendar Supports 12 Children’s CausesDas Kinderyoga-Brettspiel „Der Yoga Garten“ in Ravensburger-Spiele-QualitätThe Yoga Garden Game made in Europe by Ravensburger - multilingual rule bookTranslation of the American Title: "Seven Spirals - A Chakra Sutra for Kids"Das Kinderbuch mit Charity-Aktion The Children's Charity Calendar and additional products with your company imprintDer Kinder-Charity-Kalender und weitere Produkte mit Ihrem Firmenlogo

charity calendar

The devayani yoga CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar

1 Calendar Supports 12 Children’s Causes


The Calendar 2013
FSC-certified paper, ISBN: 978-3-943234-02-2, Suggested Retail Price: 19,80 EUR / 19.99 USD / 14,99 GBP

Professional photographers from around the world donate pictures of children doing yoga and dedicate them to children’s causes of their choice. Everyone can participate in the online vote to decide about the TOP 12 pictures and charities. The twelve winners make it into the calendar whose proceeds support these causes in equal parts. This project takes place every year. Professional photographers are always welcome to hand in children’s yoga photographs. The online vote takes place on the devayani yoga facebook group. “Like” the group to stay posted on dates and deadlines. 

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Receive the calendar, the book and the game with a 20% discount here.

Online Shop in German with delivery to Germany, Austria and Switzerland: hier.*

International Orders

You can order the Children’s Charity Calendar, the Children’s Yoga Board Game “The Yoga Garden” (multilingual European edition) and the children’s book “Sieben bunte Zauberkugeln” (German edition) via

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Direct Orders & Shipping and Handling

Order five or more devayani yoga products and receive special discounts via

Shipping and Handling of up to 10 Charity Calendars:

Within Germany: 6,90 EUR
Austria / EU: 22 EUR
Switzerland / non-EU Europe: 35 EUR
Worldwide shipping upon request

No additional shipping expenses for concurrent orders of up to ten Yoga Garden Games and/or children’s books.


Einzelbestellungen der Produkte tätigen Sie über folgende Links*:


The Calendar in Your Pharmacy & as a Customer Present with Your Company Logo

for pharmacies* and for your company:

Ask for special editions / calendar sizes and special offers via

*Pharmacies: Concentrix donates school material for children in Haiti for pharmacies ordering the calendar as a customer present. 

Find out more about the project and how you can participate with a simple click here!


“This innovative product provides us pharmacists with the opportunity to help children in need simply by ordering a beautiful product that lets our customers participate in “being the change” for a brighter future of children all around the world.” 

(Dr. Lukas Vogel, Pharmacist & Initiator of the additional donation for children in Haiti)


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Order Concentrix and receive a 20% discount on your order of devayani yoga products. Your order may contain the Yoga Garden Game (European edition), the Children’s Charity Calendar and the children’s book “Seven Spirals” (German edition only).
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*Offer good while supplies last. / Shipping expenses for one game and up to ten Children’s Charity Calendars: 4,10 EUR (within Germany) / 8,90 EUR (within the EU) / 15,90 EUR (non-EU countries worldwide)  / shipping & handling for additional orders upon request. / Concentrix is a natural nutritional supplement for concentration and attention suitable for children and for adults. You can order Concentrix Online or buy Concentrix in your pharmacy. 

*externer Link / Online-Shop


The devayani yoga CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar 2012

1 Calendar Supports 12 Children’s Projects

A3, FSC-certified paper, spiral binding, ISBN: 978-3-943234-00-8 / Sold Out!

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