infos for photographers
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infos for photographers

— letter to photographers – ideas for pics – names and links of participants —



Dear participating photographers,

thank you so much for your interest, your compassion and your generosity. I strongly believe that together, we can make a change in the lives of many children.

Photography and yoga have always been my passion and I am blessed to have the opportunity to combine these two loves of mine and to be able to help children at the same time.

I would like to share some experiences that have inspired me to work on this calendar:

  • Marcus Sprungala, an amazing “verbal artist” has once written an UNESCO fundraising TV commercial including the lines “If you feel what you see, you give what you can.” – So simple and effective: Pictures have the power to directly touch the hearts and the souls of its viewers. These lines have always remained in the back of my head.
  • Many years ago, I have watched the movie “Pay it Forward”. The only movie that has ever had the power to make me cry even days later when trying to describe its message. – And again: The greatness lies within its simplicity.
  • Yoga has given me the opportunity to become creative and open-minded on a completely different level and working with children opens your heart in a way that – most likely – hardly anything else can.

I’ve always been hoping to, one day, receive the inspiration to make a change. But it was to take a while after this wish to finally be given an idea – and I hope you, my dear photographers, will help me make this vision come true.

If we combine our forces, we can create this calendar to be the tool to make a real change.

Thank you so much for your time, effort, and dedication.

Warm regards,




As some of you have asked me for ideas about how to take the picture, please read these lines as a source of inspiration. Of course, there are innummerable ways to take a unique and special picutre and I am looking forward to receiveing your excellent work. Please be as creative as you like, make it special, make it a piece of art.

Many yoga poses (asanas) have names of animals, so play with these names if you like and combine, for example:

  • a child in dog pose with a puppy looking at the kid
  • a child in a “water pose” like dolphin, fish etc. in front of a huge fish tank
  • a child in flower pose in a field of flowers

Other ideas:

  • use the elements of nature and play with light (a child in tree pose in the rain can look magical)
  • use body paint and match the paint with the pose
  • show the beauty of your area in the picture
  • make several children become one in an acro-yoga pose
  • use opposites: a child or children in a calming pose in the middle of traffic or a child doing tree pose in front of an architectually interesting office building

=> These are all just ideas and I would like to inspire you to use your own imagination to create a picture that you love and enjoy sharing!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank all photographers who have supported the first issue of this calendar with their pictures. By pressing on each picture in the facebook album, you will find the names of the photographers and links to the children’s charities the photographers have donated their picture for.

I am looking forward to your participation for the calendar 2013. Let’s be the change together and make this project grow every year.

Thank you!

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