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devayani yoga donates 1.535 EUR to children in need with the help of the CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar 2012

The premier of the CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar – the edition of 2012 – resulted in 1.535 EUR, i.e. 2.020 USD, of funds for twelve international children’s projects.

Professional photographers had donated pictures of children doing yoga and dedicated their gift to children’s projects of their choice. The pictures/projects where then shown on the devayani yoga facebook group for everyone to vote for their personal favorites. The TOP 12 made it into the calendar whose proceeds supported the twelve winners in equal parts.

devayani plans to make the project grow every year. Photographers who want to participate, are welcome to send in pictures via the Charity link on the devayani yoga homepage. Deadline: June, 10th, 2012.

Please subscribe via RSS, like the devayani yoga facebook group or follow devayani yoga on twitter to be informed about the next vote for the TOP 12. Everyone can help decide which projects will be in the CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar of 2013!

Thank you.

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