eva’s story
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eva’s story

During international yoga retreats and while being a stressed business traveller as a TV-Series Producer and International Content Consultant, Eva has learned about diverse yoga styles in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Her desire to really “live” yoga and its philosophy instead of abusing it to succeed in her stressful job had increased steadily and finally, she decided to make the big step:

After six years of private practice and extensive travels, she decided to follow her passion and to share her experience with others. She left the TV-business behind and absolved 400h of Yoga Teacher Training according to Yoga Alliance Standards.

Her love for children and a coverage about YogaKids and its American YogaKids Teacher Training in Germany’s Yoga Journal has led her yet another step further. Since May 2010, she is intensively working with the renowned YogaKids-method in order to teach teenagers and children from the age of four and to vice versa learn from these children, who are our biggest teachers.

Her yoga journey is still proceeding. Eva continuously absolves trainings in business yoga, pre- and postnatal classes, moms and babies, and yoga for children with special needs.

Eva’s yoga style is inspired by elements of Jivamukti yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Bikram, and the Sivananda tradition.

Massages, which nurture the relaxing effect of yoga, are also an integral part of Eva’s yoga path.

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