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“An awesome idea!” (Yoga Journal July/Aug. ’11)

“An Om for children!” (The Charity Calendar is Subscription premium in Yoga Journal Nov./Dec. ’11 an recommended on the magazine’s “News &Trends” pages)

“Picture of the Week” (Münchner Merkur, Nr. 244 / 22./23.10.11, nominates a picture from the Charity Calendar)

“Thanks (…) for giving me this opportunity to create something that really stays alive. I am ready for a new photo challenge of Yoga!” (Elias Tsoutsouras, participating photographer with two winning pictures in the Charity Calendar 2012 supporting the SOS Children’s Villages/Somalia & Street Yoga)

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“I never thought that breathing would change my life so tremendously. I can use the yoga knowledge I acquire in any stressful situation and literally feel my energy level go up while my blood pressure goes down.” (media business manager)

“Through yoga, I have learned to see things with more calmness in order to then reach my goals faster.” (entrepreneur)


“I never want to get sick because I never want to miss a class.” (Franziska, 6)

“On the evenings after class, Moritz is always so much more calm and relaxed. He even helps his sister and teaches her what he’s learned in class instead of fighting with her.” (Mom of Moritz, 6)

“You are the best yoga teacher in the world. I never want to have another one.” (Alyssa, 5)

My daughters Emma and Elsa leave Eva’s yoga classes full of energy and inner peace. They love it!” (Emma’s and Elsa’s dad)

“When I am afraid and think that I cannot do something, then I stand up in tree and say to myself ‘I can do it!’ – then I know that I can do anything I want if I do the best I can.” (Emilia, 7)


“Everytime after class, I feel so much lighter and more relaxed. And my back feels so much better!” (Anja, prenatal yoga student)


“The facial harmony massage combined with restorative yoga poses and easy-to-follow breathing techniques resulted in calmness and relaxation on a completely new level. Excel sheets and time pressure disappeared from my head for a full hour and gave me the strength to proceed with my schedule. Thank you!” (business traveller)

“I have never fallen into this kind of a trance-like relaxation before. It is hard to describe: You are not fully awake, but also not sleeping. The whole body is relaxed and all thoughts of my endless “To Do”-list as the mom of a newborn have disappeared.” (Melanie, 30)

“I had seven appointments – one per week – and then three more every four weeks. I have learned through this massage how to also relax faster and easier at home.” (Monika, 37)

“My face feels so much softer and smoother now! The massage feels like Savasana at the end of my yoga classes, but it works much faster and I do not even have to do anything for it myself.” (Anna-Lena, 48)

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