yoga & burnout

Yoga helps prevent burnout, but also regain strength once burnout has already struck.

Workshops about burnout are generally two days long, yet, they can be tailormade according to your company’s needs.

In this 2-day workshop, you learn to recognise, understand and handle the signs of burnout.

Day 1

Theoretical background information, possible measures against burnout, examples, and simple relaxation methods at work, on the run or at home that can be done anytime. (normal clothing)

Day 2

Yoga and more advanced relaxation methods including easy to do exercises for home or business trips. (please bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothes and warm covers – or ask for the needed props in advance)

Burnout is not an exclusive desease of stressed managers; it can also hit housewives, mothers, and people looking for work. This workshop is for anyone who feels stressed and who wants to learn easy, yet effective, preventive skills.

devayani is guest speaker at the 2. Business Yoga Congress (1. – 3. June 2012) in Bad Meinberg.