We all know the offers and we keep falling for them:

“Buy one get two!”, “Save xy amount on the 2nd purchase!”…

We are all trained to consume more than we need by allegedly great offers we are told we cannot live without. But do we really need the second shot or the second purchase of the same thing? If we are honest to ourselves, we know the answer.

Yet, if we are willing to spend that extra little amount for something we do not really need, how about spending it for someone who does? How about a child who wants to learn and go to school, but doesn’t have the funds, maybe not even the parents to support it?

Again, the idea is simple: let’s flip the script – TAKE 1 TEACH 2!


Buy a children’s book with the TAKE 1 TEACH 2 logo => Your child is happy!

BUT: With your purchase, you have actually attained TWO books => The second book goes to a child in Haiti!

The RESULT: Your child is happy, YOU are happy, and a child in Haiti is happy, too!


TAKE 1 TEACH 2 children’s books also support educational programs in Haiti. A second book which will be published in the summer of 2012 will donate school material for Haitian orphans. Each copy sold will automatically finance the school material for one week of school for a child in Haiti.