the vote

Everybody can vote for which TOP 12 pictures and children’s charities shall make it into the calendar. The proceeds of the calendar support these twelve projects in equal parts.

The voting process for the TOP 12 pictures and charities is easy:

  • Go to the devayani yoga facebook group┬á
  • Press the “I like” button of the group (Important: Due to technical reasons, you have to like the group first in order to be able to vote for your favorite pics.)
  • Go to the album “Charity Calendar 2013” and choose the pictures that you like the most. Support your favorite pictures and their children’s charities by pressing the “I like” button directly underneath each photograph
  • The twelve pictures and children’s charities with the most votes make it into the calendar
  • You find out when and where to purchase the calendar in the devayani yoga Shop, on facebook and via the devayani yoga Twitter account. Every purchase supports the twelve charities that you have helped make it into the calendar with a simple click!