Charity Calendar


Synonyms for the word CHARITY are kindness, love and joyful giving. The logical consequence: Kindness gives pleasure and this joy leads to peace and compassion. But isn’t it even more joyful to be an active part of a charity process? The devayani yoga CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar provides you with this opportunity on even more than one level!

The idea is simple:

  • Professional photographers with a heart for children donate a picture of a child/children doing yoga.
  • The photographers themselves may choose the children’s charity project they want to support with their picture and everybody – YOU! – can vote for your 12 favorites!
  • The TOP 12 will make it into the calendar and its proceeds are donated to the charities you have actively chosen with your vote!

The calendar is an ideal present:

  • Buy the calendar as a gift for yourself and enjoy the fact that you actively participated in the well-being of many children in this world.
  • Buy it for your friends and family and share your happiness while inspiring your loved ones.

And last, but not least: The calendar is the ideal purchase for YOUR BUSINESS!

  • Using the calendar as a customer present manifests your image as a charity-minded company.
  • The calendar in your office inspires you and your team to enjoy the beauty of yoga!
  • No more empty envelopes before christmas saying “Dear customer, here would be your present, but we decided to donate to…” – The calendar makes your message tangible, credible and alive!


“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.” (Mahatma Gandhi)