It is devayani’s mission to improve the situation of children in need with innovative charity products and by volunteering her time in Haiti. Everyone can be a part of it:


The CHILDREN’S Charity Calendar supports twelve children’s projects in one swoop. You can vote which twelve children’s projects shall make it into the calendar. With the purchase of the calendar, you directly support these twelve children’s charities in equal parts.


Every children’s book with the TAKE 1 TEACH 2 logo helps children in Haiti. With the purchase of the Seven Spirals book which will appear in the spring of 2012, you automatically donate a second copy in Creole for a child in Haiti. A second children’s book which will be available in the summer of 2012 finances school material for children in need. When you buy the book, a child in Haiti will automatically receive the school material it needs for one week of school.


devayani works only with organisations where the funds arrive where they are needed the most: with the children! Your donation will not get lost in an endless administrative process. devayani’s help includes donations which you automatically support with the purchase of a devayani product and volunteer work in Haiti. devayani needs your help in order to make these projects come true.