eva’s mission – be happy, be the change!

Yoga is much more than simplistic bodily fitness. Yoga means to be in tune with your body, mind, and soul, but also with the world around you. Eva’s classes help reach this achievement and open the eyes and the heart for the good things in life.

For Eva, yoga mainly means “joyful giving”. Everyone can contribute and it is easier than one might think! It can be a yoga class dedicated to a special person; paying particular attention to a child in need or even to simply give a stranger a smile. Don’t wait for others to do it first: be happy, be the change! You will see: it is infectuous and will make you happy in return.

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a warm home, enough to eat or access to education. Eva’s mission is to make a contribution by developing yoga products that give pleasure to children (but also to adults); these products support the development of creativity and sensitivity and are produced in a sustainable way. Fairness is key in all areas: No redundant plastic and no child labor in low-wage countries – and, of course, each product supports children’s charity causes.

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