devayani offers yoga classes for children, pregnant women, mommy & baby classes, as well as business yoga. devayani workshops and weekend seminars include topics such as yoga & golf, yoga & burnout, and yoga & kids.

Yoga is more than just a “weird bending” of body parts even though it helps you keep – or become – fit, healthy, and flexible.

Yoga is a way to happiness and inner peace. It calms the mind.

Through this calmness – which is a rare luxury in today’s world of ring tones, computers, and fast communication – we learn to recognize the beauty of life.

We become happier and more content – on the yoga mat, but also anywhere else. In order to reach this happiness, we need to feel physically healthy. Yoga and its asanas (yoga poses) help us achieve this condition.

Asanas are yoga poses that help us strengthen and stretch our muscules, tone up our circulatory system, and improve our immune defense.

Be aware: The secret lies in the breath! By consciously breathing, we experience a state of inner calmness and relaxation . The breath turns the poses into yoga. Without the breath, what we do on the mat is only elementary gymnastics. But yoga is way more than simply sports. It has not only physical, but also mental and energetic effects and the connectin of these three aspects helps us relax and feel comfortable all around.

It is pretty simple: Yoga balances us and opens our eyes and hearts for the essentials – and this helps us in all areas of life.

A typical devayani yoga class includes the following elements:

  • beginning relaxation / partly with short meditative elements
  • breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • sun salutations and yoga poses (surya namaskar and asanas)
  • final relaxation (savasana) / partly with visualisations and guided imagery elements
  • meditation

All elements are tailored to the participant’s needs.

Massages are an ideal supplement to your yoga classes; yet, they also offer an excellent opportunity to relax deeply without an effort.