terms & conditions

The devayani yoga Children’s Charity Calendar

Terms & Conditions

How does the project work? Which pictures can be submitted? Who may participate and how does the voting process work?

For the devayani yoga Children’s Charity Calendar (referred to as “project”), professional photographers are asked to donate a picture / pictures. The image(s) show(s) a child/children doing yoga. The participating photographers choose the childen’s charity project they want to support with their picture donation.

devayani yoga selects which pictures and projects will be published and therefore approved for the project.

Photographs for the Children’s Charity Calendar may be submitted yearly until June 10th  via the www.devayani-yoga.com website (application form). devayani yoga creates a picture gallery from the best photographs and publishes them on the devayani yoga facebook group with the name of the photographer and the children’s project of his/her choice. The website will display a link to the devayani yoga facebook page where anyone can vote for the TOP 12 pictures/projects. These 12 most-voted images and projects (the amount of “likes” underneath the pictures decides about the winners) will then be included in the calendar. The proceeds of the calendar, which support the children’s charities, will be equally divided and directly donated to the charity projects the photographers have chosen. The donation will take place within the first or second quarter of the year after the last calendar sales will have taken place. (e.g.: photographers hand in pictures until June 10th. The vote takes place from July 1st until July 31st. The calendar will be available for sale in September. The donation amount will be published the following March/April).

Participation via Email

devayani yoga only accepts images that are submitted via the application form on www.devayani-yoga.com. Digital images sent in via post will only be accepted upon request and not be returned. The photograph has to be directly submitted in print quality and in landscape format. The file name of the images is formed from the first and last name of the photographer and the location of the photo shoot. The image may not include frames or any other decorative graphics or links.

Participants name a children’s charity project of their choice that they wish to support with their donation. The project has to be named with its full project name and its website with bank account information for the donation. Participants must also send in a short description / mission statement of the children’s charity project. devayani yoga reserves the right to obtain additional information about the charity projects and also to decline its publication. In the event of the nominated children’s charity project being declined, the participant will be asked to nominate an alternative children’s charity project for consideration. If an alternative project is not chosen by the end of the deadline, devayani yoga reserves the right to nominate a children’s charity of its choice.

Participants are also required to provide supporting information to accompany their submitted photograph/s to include the featured child’s/children’s first name/s and age/s as well as the location where the picture has been taken.

Applicants must also submit by email their personal contact information, to include: full name, postal address, telephone number, email address and website.

Data Protection

Personal data of participating photographers will be electronically processed and saved. The data will not be handed to any third party. The images provided by the photographers will be labelled and published with the photographers’ copyright and their full name. The photographers’ names will be listed on devayani yoga’s online plattforms and transferred to third parties such as editorial teams, gallery owners or organisations of the charity calendar. All participants explicitly agree to comply with this procedure.

Conditions of Participation

Only professional photographers may participate in the Children’s Charity Calendar project. Participants under the age of 18 at the time of submitting their application will need approval of their legal guardian.

The submitted image/s are required to show a child or several children practicing yoga. Photographers may freely creatively interpret the subject matter in any manner as long as it is appropriate. Each photographer may submit up to three pictures to devayani yoga for selection. Any images that are submitted that are deemed to be indecent or pornographic in nature, or which intend to glamorise or show violence or any other illegal activity are not acceptable and will be rejected from inclusion in the project. Each submitted image will be subject to prior approval by the project

Entry Deadline

Entry deadline is June, 10th for the calendar of the following calendar year. Images submitted at a later date will not be eligible for inclusion in the project. devayani reserves the right to use these pictures for the calendar vote for the following year.

Copyright and Related Rights

By participating in the project, all conditions of participation are explicitly accepted by the photographer.

The copyright for the images remains with the originating photographers for the duration of the project and beyond; however, participants agree to loan the rights, free of charge for the project’s exploitation unconditionally, not limited to time, usage and content in respect of  devayani yoga and its partners (for example, editorial usage in all electronic and print media). This also includes use for presentations, exhibitions, expositions, trade shows, posters and inclusion on the www.devayani-yoga.com website and devayani yoga’s Online platforms.

In submitting the image/s participating photographers confirm that they own full rights of the image and that they agree to participate in the project according to the terms and conditions as outlined above. Participants further confirm that no third party copyright is infringed and that all images submitted are done so with the full written agreement of the subjects and/or of their legal guardians and that consent is given for the publication of the image in the Children’s Charity Calendar project. In consenting to these terms and conditions, all participants expressly agree to indemnify devayani yoga against any legal action that may arise as a result of publication of the submitted images. Any legal action taken by an aggrieved third party against devayani yoga in respect of the publication of submitted images will result in legal action being taken against the participant by devayani yoga to seek damages and to recover any costs involved.

Participants are responsible for any associated costs in acquiring any model releases and/or property releases and/or permission of the owners/producers of commercial product (e.g. cars, packaging, designer clothes etc.). If requested, copies have to be provided.

Photographers agree that submitted images will be published on devayani yoga’s websites. Photographers will be credited as copyright owners and – if appropriate – together with any links to their website.

devayani yoga reserves the right to remove images from its website without prior consent or reason. Contractual and legal claims are excluded.

Participants further assure:

  • that any information provided by the photographer does not infringe any copyright, privacy rights, trade mark rights, publishing or any other rights of third parties in any way.
  • that the copyright holder is credited, where appropriate.


devayani yoga does not assume liability for the loss or any damage to submitted material.


Participants of the project will be updated about devayani yoga and the Children’s Charity Calendar’s status quo and activities via facebook, twitter and RSS Feed on www.devayani-yoga.com. Participants need to follow the links in order to receive regular updates. Furthermore, the charity projects chosen by photographers will also be supported by any future proceeds acquired through the use of the image. devayani yoga will provide information about any future projects as described above.

Project Rights & Legal Remedy

devayani yoga owns all rights on the project and its operation. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into following the judges’ decision.

Participants agree to abide by the full terms and conditions as set out above.